When can effects be expected?

The effects may be immediate, or they may take weeks or months, sometimes years (up to a few years may be, the deepest changes take longer). In children specially, the results may be immediate, and also spectacular, also in pets. Different constellation facilitators have observed that it is gradually taking much less time for the results to show over the last decades, and that the time clients need to wait between a constellation and another is also becoming reduced.

The effects of a constellation are unknown at the time the work is undertaken. Constellations set a healing movement in motion, but we cannot predict in which way will healing manifest. Its effects are holistic, for everything in our lives is interconnected. As an issue becomes resolved, all other aspects of our lives start to change also. We may notice changes also in other members of our families, or how we relate to others and others relate to us. And the beauty is that as we put order in ourselves (as we occupy our right place), the world around us also starts becoming ordered.

For a constellation to work, the client needs to accept his life and his issues just as they are, for challenging this may be. The paradox is that only when we can accept and thank what troubles us, can it change, and only when we can accept and thank others, are they free to change too. Constellations also require a commitment with personal growth and with taking responsibility for one’s life and actions, accepting that we have a part to play in that which troubles us, or in our difficulties with others; giving up on victimism and blaming others, and rolling our sleeves to work on ourselves.

It is advised not to take action on what is revealed in a constellation for at least six weeks, or months, may be more, after the time of the constellation -the action, whatever it is, then flows as if on its own, naturally and in tune with the new set of circumstances facilitated by the constellation, which will have changed from the time the constellation took place.

Participating at family constellation workshops helps and reinforces the work of your constellation, and is healing even without having a constellation done (even reading about a constellation may be healing if a resonance occurs with one’s own issues/family system).