The Movement of the Spirit

Who moves representatives at a constellation workshop?

EnergyWhat is that which, when left alone, without interference from the facilitator, from thoughts, embraces all participants, all the represented, victims and perpetrators at once, with the same love and care, an slowly moves them all towards a solution, Love and Life?

Where does that loving hand that picks you up and then at the end, carefully lands you back onto the ground, where does it come from?

“The Hellinger Sciencia has an additional dimension, the spiritual dimension that pushes us beyond the knowledge about orders and disorders in our relationships that we can directly understand. Only through that dimension can its universal scope be perceived, as well as the effects that emerge from it in all areas of existence .

What is this knowledge of the spirit and what are its dimensions? Observation is the tool to discover it and to detect its effects: nothing of what exists moves by itself. Everything is moved by something that comes from further afar. Even when something seems to move on its own initiative, like everything that lives, its movement cannot originate in itself. Every movement, with regards to all living beings, is initiated in an outside movement and continues being moved by the latter continuously for as long as its life lasts.

Something else demands time for reflection:

Every movement, above all every living movement, is a conscious movement. This means that there is a conscience present within that force that moves everything. In other words: every and each movement is an intentional movement. The movement happens because it is intended by that force, obeying to how this force wants it.

Therefore, what is there at the origin of every movement?

A thinking, that thinks everything just as it is.”

Bert Hellinger, in Revista Hellinger, marzo 2007 [available in Spanish at

The healing force that comes to us, changing us and our lives, originates from beyond the family system, it supersedes all other morphic fields, it is beyond the repetition of the past, it is always new. This force, which Hellinger named ‘Movement of the Spirit’, now reveals itself (as Brigitte Champetier explains in her latest workshops) as our empty centre, the emptiness that is at the heart of all matter, of our cells and molecules. This healing force is inside all of us, and connects us all, for it is the One, and the same, whether it’s inside you or me. Acknowledging that we are this void centre, and without interference from our will and personal desires, during a constellations workshop, we allow the healing from the void within that knows best.