“What’s going on with spirituality? What’s going on with the spiritual masters, the great gurus?
Who is missing? None of them has a mother. No one! Spirituality means: I without a mother. That is spirituality.
None of these masters has a wife.
The question is: How do we find the way to the Father? We find him with the mother, only with the mother.
I call that a Trinity. This is the trinity: mother, father, child and happy!”

Bert Hellinger

If on identifying ourselves as spiritual, we feel different, powerful, better than others… we are in the arrogance of the child state. Together with this is the feeling of an authority to bring others ‘up’ to where we are… out of place.

Our mother is big, we are small. We come down to our place and then… we also let others be, just as they are, with love.

The path of spirituality, is then redefined: not to less (less of the world, less foods we can eat, less people), but more; not away from our mother, but toward her; not looking for our father in the heavens, but accepting our real one; not upwards (away from reality, away from our parents, out of place), but downwards, low, close to the Earth, where water flows towards, closer, much closer to our feet, than to our heads, there where we remain small before the greatness of our parents and ancestors. Spirituality is humble, and it serves Life. In it, we love. How? With our eyes open.