Organisational Constellations

Through family constellations, the hidden dynamics that may hinder a company in its path to success may also be brought to light, often tracing back to disorders in the family systems of those concerned (founders, managers, and so on). For example, conflicts and difficulties with co-workers often reveal conflicts and difficulties with brothers/sisters, where the person is not in her right place as son/daughter and brother/sister with regards to her siblings.

A dynamic that Hellinger has observed through his experience with organizational constellations, for instance, is that a manager who is not connected with his mother (as a son), will bring the company down.

Constellations also reveal that where a man follows his wife into her company, the business will fail, while the opposite (the wife joining her husband’s company) has greater chances of success*.

One other dynamic, that Hellinger highlights, for example, is that when the founder of a company gives equal status to new members or partners, the latter will undermine him and eventually seek his position in the company, getting rid of him.

The above are only some of the dynamics that affect a business. In facilitating a healing movement for the members of the company who request a constellation (which often translates in healing harmful dynamics in their family systems), a healing movement is also put in motion for the company.

Constellations for businesses may be undertaken in one-to-one sessions or group sessions, as wished by the client. A “systemic movement” (a mere display of the invisible dynamics in the company, for instance) will provide immediate information on the actual situation of the organisation, often recognisable by the client to an extent when brought to light. The client, particularly in an individual constellation, may be asked to represent the different elements identified (i.e.: the company, clients, stakeholders, the product…; or the main roles of the organisation, or departments, or possible projects or new lines of business, and so on), allowing him gain a first hand experience of those elements.

This will provide an awareness of where the problem lies and a satisfactory solution (led by another force, with no interference by the facilitator). Even where the solution may be to let go of a business project which does not serve Life, emerging perhaps from entanglements with ancestors, from an unconscious desire to atone, or the non acceptance of our fate (what our family system needs from us). The project that will succeed is that which our family system will support.

*This resonates with another systemic dynamic: when the husband lives in the wife’s house, he does not feel respected and the relationship is in its way to failure (where it says husband/wife, it also means man/woman in a relationship, married or not). Relationships where the man lives in the woman’s home country -where he is not from- tend to fail also (the man gains his strength in his home country, when he lives in his wife’s home country, a relationship of dependency is established where the woman relates to him as a mother).