The New Direction of Family Constellations

by Sophie Hellinger (February 2014)

“New Family Constellation” has unfolded, developed and revealed itself in an all-encompassing direction, as it appeared in the course in Frankfurt.

All our contributions that we wanted to give on determined topics were pushed into the background.
The all-connecting and all-uniting force is taking over and thus proves that we hinder and prevent progress through a planning intention, be it on a personal level or for the whole group.

An issue can be compared to a leaf of a tree.
We can set up and carry out many constellations for uncountable leaves that are on a tree. In autumn the leaves fall and in spring new ones will grow again.
As a rule we see the leaves with their ailments, yet we do not know what the cause is.
Therefore it makes sense to turn towards the roots of the tree.
However the close investigation of each root would do more harm than good.
The exact same thing applies to Family Constellation.

Over the course of the “turn of ages” we have been pushed more and more strongly towards this fact: that what counts is not clearing this or that issue, but what it depends on is feeling and sensing that we have never been separated, that we cannot be separated. This applies to everything that exists and has ever existed, without exception.
We are more than surprised ourselves by what happened with us in Frankfurt.
The remarks about conscience or the named 800 000 dead in Stalingrad had a direct connection to every father, every man and every human that lives.
Nothing can be separated; nothing can be detached or treated as something single.
All issues are fleeting and yet as real as the water, be it in its extension as the sea, a river, in a hairline crack or in steam.
If we still assume that the problems in life, which we now have, are caused by this one father or by this one mother, then it seems to me much too concise and narrow for New Family Constellation.
In this sense we turn and twist the different leaves of a tree, but we are far from getting to the roots.

An example:
If I have a father, and my father again has a father, who again has a father, then each one had at least one wife.
As a consequence the parents’ influences, from both the father’s and the mother’s side, have their effect on me.
If we proceed only in a linear way, then the issues, of more than 40 people, of whom we have no idea, on the father’s as on the mother’s side, come into play.
For this reason I also see it as unrewarding to proceed in New Family Constellation in a linear way regarding a determined issue.
In case of couple’s relationships it is about communities of fate.
The partners help each other, to solve what they are not capable of individually.
If I assume that life begins with birth and ends with death, than we are not talking from the same planes and are not able to make contact.
As it has been proven, our body is ephemeral, yet the energy called life is indestructible.
If it is indestructible, then it inevitably continues to exist in a certain form. The question is: Where and how is our current life influenced by it?

It remains a mystery how many lives we have ended in an unresolved state, within a conflict.
Regressions that have been researched and examined testify to the truth of the dates and statements. These lives often reach back to over several centuries ago.
Would this mean then that these gaps of many years pass without physical existence?
Or is it only that this life does not reveal itself or appear in the momentary stage of life?
Or does it mean that it needs a different approach?
In Zen-Buddhism there is a famous saying:
“When a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, it affects every human in the world.“

This phenomenon appeared in the seminar in Frankfurt: not I alone can solve something for myself, but the solution, the cure and the peace are based in the group. Ergo no human can individually begin, exist and end.
The participants, who did not get stuck on any topic, felt the resonance in their lives and bodies, through which a group healing process was initiated.

The effects of the group constellation/healing process often last for weeks, months and years.
The feedbacks prove that the constellations were not related to one specific issue. However the solutions set in on many levels precisely where the original cause could not be actually named.

And this would mean: that an encompassing cure can only occur if we are ready and open now to face our fellow human without restrictions.

At this point we trust in this dimension for the good of the people, who feel safe and embraced with us“.

This was originally a letter answering a feedback given by a participant of the seminar “Hellinger® live“ in February 2014 in Frankfurt.