About María Escribano

With my Father and my Mother as One in my heart,
I put my ability to facilitate constellations
in the service of Others

August 2016 borrado el fondoMaría Escribano got in contact with the Hellinger Sciencia (Bert Hellinger’s experiential and philosophical approach, which includes Family constellations), in September 2007, through Colette Green, in Ireland. She then attended a weekend workshop delivered by Bert Hellinger in February 2008 in London, and has continued to attend and participate in Spiritual Family Constellation workshops ever since regularly with Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, and occasionally with other constellators such as Maria Jose Ochs, Gema García, Milagros Estanislao Quintanilla and Joan Garriga, in Madrid (Spain), and Dan Booth Cohen and Emily volden in Ireland, among others. She has also recently trained with Bert and Sophie Hellinger (who merge spiritual constellations with Cosmic Power / Universal Energy) in Münich (March 2014) and Bad Reichenhall, in Germany (April-May 2014). Through Brigitte’s guidance and expertise, Maria has been in contact with the latest developments of Bert Hellinger’s practice and insights, keeping up to date with the relevant written and audiovisual work available by Bert Hellinger, Brigitte Champetier de Ribes (who incorporates Dr. Hamer’s New German Medicine’s insights to the constellation work), Marianne Franke-Gricksch, and Rupert Sheldrake (morphogenetic fields), among others. Maria has been channeling constellations alone since March 2012, with Brigitte Champetier’s generous guidance, increasing her perception skills and understanding of the Orders of Love and body signals, behaviours and dynamics through which the Movement of the Spirit manifests itself in the energy field within which the sessions unfold. She has been facilitating family constellations workshops monthly since June 2013. She follows Bert and Sophie Hellinger’s advanced method (Spiritual Constellations, or Medial Constellations), incorporating Brigitte Champetier’s insights and latest developments (systemic and Quantum constellations). Maria is currently the English speaking secretary and translator for Brigitte Champetier’s Family Constellations Institute in Madrid.

My initial approach to conflict through my doctoral research and extracurricular ‘peace’ activism thankfully started integrating the insights of the Hellinger Sciencia since I got in contact with family constellations in 2007. The gradual integration of these understandings through extensive reading and the inevitable growth that a direct experience of spiritual family constellations brings about, have led me into the beautiful journey of reconciliation.

Deeply in love with my ancestors, reconciling with them, I am now in the centre, equally close to all sides, and equally distant, in love with all, and setting all free from me; releasing values, principles and loyalties, detaching from morphic fields, and good conscience, with gratitude, and all the consequences;  tuning in with the Movement of the Spirit, in the service of Something Greater, serving Others, serving Life.

And how great Life is, how Great, how Immense. Beautiful, beautiful just the way it is. Like a whole galaxy, made of star dust, magical dust that vibrates at high frequencies, the frequencies of love, of a mother’s love, mum’s. The Mother is the Life for us. This is how Great they are! All mothers, each  and every mother, is an expression of the Origin, of the Heart of the Universe, of the Source of Life. The Russian matrioskas, one inside the other, one ancestor inside the other’s heart, all of them Mothers. Mum, you are my heart, and dad with you. Dad, you are my strength. Your passion for each other beats inside me, it’s me.

María facilitates workshops in Hospital (Co. Limerick), in Ireland, until the end of May and early June 2014. 


  • Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology by the University of Limerick (August 2012).
  • Government of Ireland Scholar (2002-2005).
  • CAP in Spanish Language and Literature (Spanish equivalent of the Higher Teaching Diploma) by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (2001).
  • MA in Ethnomusicology by the University of Limerick (1999).
  • Title of Technician in Social Psychology of the Work Place by the Colegio Nacional de Doctores y Licenciados en Ciencias Políticas y Sociología, Madrid, Spain (1998).
  • BA in Political Sciences and Sociology, majoring in Social Anthropology, by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (1996).
  • Diploma in Social Anthropology by the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK (1995, Erasmus scholarship recipient).

Maria has also presented papers based on her doctoral research at several international conferences (on the social phenomenon of the Basque tradition and instrument Txalaparta), and is currently preparing her doctoral thesis for publication: Rhythms of Struggle. Recovery, Revival and Re-Creation of Txalaparta in the Basque Country. María has the Cambridge Proficiency English Certificate, with level C2 (A), obtained in March 2017.

Other education/training:
  • Training Workshops for the title of ‘Family Constellations Specialist’ delivered by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, Instituto de Constelaciones Familiares de Madrid / Madrid Institute of Family Constellations. These workshops are: ‘The Couple Relationship’ (4-6 May, 2018); ‘Emotions, anger, fear, traumas’ (9-11 February 2018); ‘The Moral Conscience’ (12-14 January, 2018); ‘Money. Orders of Abundance’ (29-30 September, 2017); ‘Prosperity. Personal and Professional realization’ (8-10 September, 2017); ‘Mental Illness in Children and Adults’ (28-30 July 2017); ‘Synthony with the World and its Challenges’ (9-11 June 2017); ‘Loving oneself, loving others. Being Present. Serving and being happy, being successful: being in a state of surrender’ (24-26 March, 2017); ‘Success in Daily Life’ (1-3 April, 2016); ‘Self Healing’ (15-17 January, 2016); ‘Quantum Constellations’ (28-30 August, 2015) and ‘The Couple Relationship’ (Spain, 18-20 July, 2014).
  • Participation in the recordings for the Online Training Course on New Family Constellations of the Instituto de Constelaciones de Madrid (2014-2015).
  • Seminar on Hellinger Sciencia with Bert and Sophie Hellinger (Avila, Spain, February 2015).
  • Seminars ‘Cosmic Power’ I & II and International Training Camp, Hellinger Sciencia, with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Hellinger Schule (Germany, 26 April- 10 May 2014).
  • Basic Seminar ‘Mother’ of Hellinger Sciencia, and ‘Cosmic Power I’ seminar with Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Hellinger Schule (February-March 2014).
  • ‘Setting up a Small Bussiness’ FETAC course, level 5 (June 2013).
  • Entrepreneurship Programme, organised by South Tipperary Development Company, Tipperary (February-June 2013).
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ FETAC course, level 6 (May 2013).

Work experience:

  • Currently: English-Spanish translator, English tutor, Family Constellator.
  • August 2011-April 2014. Director at Escribano Ltd (online language academy Worldtutor.ie and translations Spanish-English).
  • 2009-2012. Part-time lecturer of Performance Studies, Ritual Studies and Research Methods in Performance for the BA in Voice and Dance, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.
  • 2006-2011. Part-time lecturer of Ethnomusicology (including World Music Survey and Ethnographic Research Methods) for the BA and BEd(Mus) of St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Dublin.
  • 2005-2008. Part-time lecturer of Ethnomusicology (including World Music Survey and Ethnographic Research Methods) for the BA in Irish Music and Dance, IWAMD, UL.
  • 2005-2006. Part-time lecturer of Anthropology of Ritual and Ethnographic Research Methods for the MA in Ritual Chant and Song, IWAMD, UL.
  • 2005-2011. Occasional lectures for the MA in Ethnomusicology and MA in Ethnochoreology, IWAMD, UL.

1995-1998: María has also worked as an administrative assistant for different firms of the finance sector and state agents (Goldman Sachs, Corpfin Capital, Exelent State Agents), as a Spanish-English translator (VIPS restaurant chain), and as a call centre agent (RACE), in Spain. Before these dates, she also undertook casual work as a translator, private tutor of English in Madrid for secondary school students, worked at a Café (“I can’t believe it’s Yogurt!”) in Madrid, Spain; and was in charge of the fruit and veg section of a Coop supermarket in Herne Bay, Kent, UK (all this work belongs too!)

1999-2002 Call centre agent and mentor in Ireland (Paneuropean, Sykes), as well as researcher in the History section of the Limerick Civic Trust.