~This space will be filled gradually with insights revealed by family constellations work, in the form of texts and quotes by Bert Hellinger, Brigitte Champetier de Ribes, and other authors, as well as relevant links that help us understand this form of facilitating healing, the dynamics that operate in family systems and organizations, and Love, Life and also Death.~

The insights presented by these authors and on this website in relation to family constellations, are based on the observation and the somatic perceptual experience (in our body) of the dynamics that are manifested in a recurring manner at family constellations, rather than on a priori beliefs or interpretation. Family constellations are first and foremost phenomenological. This means that what matters is the phenomenon itself as it is manifested and experienced by participants, rather than theories or grand narratives. These insights emerge from what happens at a constellation workshop for a given issue and the understanding granted by dynamics that re-emerge when dealing with similar issues, summed up in three main “orders” by Bert Hellinger, the “Orders of Love“.

Constellations demand of us no fear to take the information they give us, even if it defies mainstream ideas of how things should be or beliefs we hold dear. The greater conscience that manifests in family constellations, one that supersedes the family conscience,  loves everything as it is and everyone as they are, and it is from this love that healing emerges.