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Family Constellations, developed by the German philosopher and therapist Bert Hellinger (departing from McClendon and Kadis’ work on family therapy among that of others), may be described as an experiential, somatic type of energy work, that aims at restoring the flow of love in family systems, unblocking people and organizations’ paths toward success in all its aspects: mental/physical health, love, work, money.

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The work ripples across whole systems, without the need for their members to be present, a part from the client that requests a session.

Maria Escribano will be honoured to put her ability to constellate in the service of others. She facilitates this work in Bert Hellinger’s advanced method (Spiritual Family Constellations, also referred to as ‘medial constellations’ by Bert and Sophie Hellinger) within his larger philosophical approach, the Hellinger Sciencia. In spiritual constellations, the facilitator steps back, so that the healing initiative comes from another force, a greater force that predates all, one of unconditional love. Maria is also informed by Brigitte Champetier‘s insights, humbly serving as a channel in the service of family systems and organizations, in the service of Life and reconciliation.

‘In the beginning of a world all the matter which will eventually form a complete whole is already in existence, but in a state of chaos. It is not that any new thing or world or being is to be created, but that there shall be a rearrangement of all the parts until the whole is complete (…) The upheaval of nature, the great unrest, the world revolutions, the shedding of bodies, and the separations and divisions among men -all these things are caused by the parts of the whole trying to stay in a place to which they do not belong. As soon as man is in his own place he has peace; until then he cannot have it.’

    Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Music of Life

Family Constellations reveal, in tune with many traditional belief systems across the world, that we do not cease to exist upon death. Our ancestors continue to exist with us and within us, exerting a powerful influence in our lives.

From our ancestors, through our parents, Life was passed on to us; from them, with Life, Love flows toward us, as we bow to them with respect and gratitude, in our right place, below.

As soon as we attempt to rise higher above those who came earlier, we are out of place, and misfortune befalls upon us (illness, unhappiness, misfortune in love, poverty, lack of success…) This is largely an unconscious process, a dynamic which family constellations help bring to light, while at the same time acting upon it to bring us back to our place.

Sometimes it is the case that our parents’ circumstances, their own entanglements and loyalties, mean they are not fully available for us. If we can honour their greatness as parents, just the way they are, with unconditional gratitude for the Life they gave us, with no demands, with no judgment, from our place bellow as sons or daughters, they may not see us, but the love from their hearts will always find us.

‘All rivers flow into the sea
because the sea is at a lower level.
Humility grants it its power’

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

On the rhythm of healing, of liberation: sometimes we feel impatient, we would like faster results, we would like all the hard work we are putting into our personal growth and self-actualisation to bear fruit immediately, we would like to come out of our entanglements immediately, to be able to release our loyalties to past patterns and morphic fields right now, in the immediate pursue of what is essential for our lives, of what we are yearning for. Yet, what is at work here, the greatness of it, reaches far beyond our personal wishes. Everything that happens to us is part of a Greater Movement that encompasses Everything. A Movement that cannot be rushed, nor slowed down, which moves forward inexorably, at its own rhythm. This is a rhythm of great transcendence, it obeys to the interlinked development of millions of processes that affect Everything, that encompass many people, many lives, many systems. It is a rhythm that takes care of every other rhythm, of every other being that exists. My impatience only trivialises this.  A plant in the fields, at home in nature, can only give flowers at a certain time of the year, and not when she feels like it; a certain time that obeys to millions of processes at micro and macro levels -and this is how the flower is then in tune with Something Greater.

Everything that happens to us is connected to the Whole, to a global process, it is in coherence with all the parts that form that Whole. Our timing, the timing that comes from somewhere else for us, whether we understand it or not, like it or not, is a global timing. The timing that is provided to me, the pace of my healing, is part of the timing of a Whole that is emerging, a New Order that is emerging, that wants to break through, at a global level, and that synchronises all our timings, for the sake of the furthering of Life in this New Order, for the sake of this birthing. When I understand this, I realise that what is needed from me is my assent, my agreement to everything the way it is, to the time, the way it is. Our patience is required, the understanding that what is essential for us will come, in its own time.

Hold on because, at the end, there will be flowers.